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I Know God Exists Its All In The Picture

So many times in my life facing my own abusive treatments. I have never forget I had special people looking over me. The pictures featured in this article will prove it to those of you who say there is no Jesus or Mother Mary that there is at least for me.

Took picture thinking of Jesus and Mother Mary and Father Joseph and the birth in the night in the manger and in the crystal ball the site came in gold.

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After cancer had disappeared from my body in two months using stones for healing and prayers from friends, clients, clergy, and myself. I had this chakra picture taken. I saw Jesus to the left of me.  I had be told by priest and nuns as well as other clergy and children I had two hallows over my head.


After being on Channel 2 St. Louis I went to Our Lady of Snows Jesus was on the left Standing hands out open. Mother Mary on the right I made the sign of cross and the three orbs showed up over Jesus and the cross showed up over the top the limbs and Mother Mary.


I prayed to Mother Mary about the dangers of the world as it is going under the new president and she appeared in the crystal ball kneeling as if she was praying also.