Linda comes from a family of gifted teachers, mediums and healers

3rd Generation Psychic Talks About Channeling

linda headshotHello people out there!

I am Linda Humphries, 3rd generation reader, teacher, medium, channeled, and healer.

But the most important role in my opinion, is I have the telephone operator job for those on the other side.

There are many forms of channeling out there and I am here to help you understand each of the types.

I’d like to introduce a few people from my family. For more information, you may select each individual from the menu above.

Gifted Angel Second Generation
Gifted Angel Second Generation

This is my Aunt Maudie  and her husband Alex.

She was the gifted generation before me. She was also my mother in a very special way.

She took care of me, along with my grandmother Mary, who you will see a picture of below.

Aunt Maudie’s gifts included:
– She could see when you were in love with another person, and know if he or she were  good for you.
– She could find things when you lost them. One day, she called me to help my find my camera. She reminded me that I left my camera under my brother’s car seat, after we had a great night at a Gloria Estafan concert.  I had not even told her it was lost!

I also called her when clients lost things and she would find them immediately.

She could let you know your sicknesses were not serious and would be okay.
She told me when she sensed that friends were losers and which friends to keep.

She was overall the greatest lady I have ever known.

She taught me to work for God, no matter what people said to me about the work that I do for Him.

Before she died, she told me she had spoken with God and that being gay was not a sin. With this information, I know that I must tell others so we can stop the bullying and other hurt people are experiencing.

About three days before she passed away, she predicted I would record 5 audio cd’s when I went to Florida to visit a friend. When I arrived, my friend informed me that she booked a recording studio as a gift!

Her last prediction come true. She told me that I would be coming home to bury her on her birthday.  But that means I still could celebrate her birth to be with my uncle on the other side.

The night she died, I was still in Florida. The newspaper reporter asked me,
“Besides God, who do I think made me who I am today as a person?”

I said, “The most important person, since birth is my Aunt Maudie.”
She passed that night.

Then next morning, a turkey vulture showed up and flew over me at breakfast, with my friends’ daughter. She asked why I keep saying hello to Aunt Maudie. I cried telling her I knew I had readings to do at the event, but I loved her and miss her so much. Turkey vultures, stand for new life and happy beginnings.

My Great Aunt Julia Linkey was a very powerful woman. 

First Generation Gifted By God

She told me that I was gifted from birth and she wanted me to know that I would make big changes.

She taught me the clock and that dreams between 1:30am and 4:00am meant they would come true.

I was dreaming the future as Edgar Cayce did.  One of the first dreams was about tornado hitting the Commercial Hall at Fayetteville IL and I told her about it.

My dad played music there. An old picture that I have of the place shows where he was standing would be the only place that was not totally demolished!

The next bad dream was about me having my son come out of my liver area and he would be 8 and a half years old when born.

I went to my grandma Mary’s she called Great Aunt Julia to the house when my mom and dad were gone.  Aunt Julia cried at the story that proved to me I would die and Benjamin Franklin my son would be without a mother.  She told me that was not true I would have him in my life and that I was not going to die in child birth.

Yet, she kept crying.  It seemed like forever.

I remember being told by Aunt Julia, never lie. Even today, sometimes when I am with a client, I cry and still tell them the truth about what I see and experience.

She was right my friend Rosemary Cosentino. She was a great astrologer who died of liver cancer when Benjamin Franklin her son was eight and a half years old. For a while, I became a mother figure to him.

It was the greatest gift Rosie gave me and God gave.

But it was the worst prediction of my life. I miss my best friend, even though I smell roses as I am writing this. 🙂

Aunt Julia would go to people’s house and put bags of herbs together. She gave them to the people who opened their door, telling them exactly how to use them.

She would heal with her hands.  She would counsel with her visions as I do.  She would not stop at making sure people saw what they could be.

She had many husbands and boyfriends. She guides me with dating advise for my clients and they all love her candor.

She also moves things around my house, especially when I know where they were.  Then to help me find the items, she tells me to feel their energy.  Believe it or not, it is working!

I have had my clients tell me they feel or hear Aunt Julia talking to them on dates as if she is giving them excuses to leave a boring date early.  Nancy says she knows she rings her chimes in her one room.

During any of your readings, if you wish, you may ask for Aunt Maudie or Aunt Julia to give you guidance as well. Eventually, you will be able to sense their subtle energies and connect with them to help you in your life too!

God bless,