Rosie Cosentino

The psychic fairs were scary places for me. At one of these events, I walked in and a blonde lady named Rose Mary Cosentino was sitting, staring a hole right through me. It was at Henry the 8th hotel St. Louis.

I walked by her and she said,”You need to come see me at Union station at my shop.”  Then a friend of hers gave me a stone emerald surround and ruby saying Rosie wanted me to have it. Years later, in Kansas City, a jeweler told me what it was worth and I just gasped!

I began a friendship that lasted forever, because even though she is gone, I still get bruises on my ribs if I do not listen to her readings for me.

She was great to get me started professionally.

rosie 1

I went to see her at Mystic Forest at Union Station. She would do readings then tell the client to talk to me. I would read what I saw. I would not accept money, not wanting to take from her, so they would give her money and she would give me products to work with or read, which helped me learn.

She was as my Great Aunt Julie, Great Uncle Nicholas and Aunt Maudie. She said no one knows it all. You have to study.

When she found me starving myself she would try to get me to eat food with her at Union Station. It did not work.

So, in June of 1988 she gave me two tickets to see Miss Patti LaBelle in concert at the Fox Theatre on September 18, 1988.  That show changed my life and Patti saved me, but Rosie already knew it was amazing. She grinned at me.

That next Thursday, I went to see her and hummed “There’s a Winner in You”, the song Patti dedicated to me.  I asked how she knew and she said just the same as I, “how do you know what you know when you are helping everyone you help.”

She was always walking up to me, handing me stones, due to what was wrong with me at the time.

When I had female surgery, she sent me to another shop and told them what to set out for me. The carnation oil was to be rubbed on the back of my neck three times before my surgery. She promised three hour surgery would only be one and a half and she was right.

She taught me a form of astrology she had never shared with anyone else. Because she was dying of cancer and could not handle my inability to learn the way she taught, she went to Our Lady of Snow, looked up to the ceiling of the church and God and Jesus told her what to say to me, and how to teach me.

I told her way was wrong anyway because it was based on 9 planets and there was two more passed Pluto.  She said I was wrong.

Her physical body left June 14, 1995. Years later, two more planets were found and I got bruises from her poking me in the ribs calling me a smart person.

At a psychic fair, one year after her death, I had read for 9 of her clients in a row and it got to be too much for me and I missed her so bad it hurt.

The music suddenly turned on overhead and played Seals song, “Don’t Cry, You’re Not Alone.”  Then as I drove through the drive-thru to get some food, the guy on the dedication radio stations say this song does out to Linda Humphries from Rosie, “You are the wind beneath my wings”.

So many things have happened since that event to let me know she is not gone from being my friend.  All can say that I never said enough when she was here is thank you for being a friend, my heart, my strength, and at times the voice in my head never letting me quit.