Great Uncle Nicholas Linkey

img005Great Uncle Nicholas

Since I was really little, I remembered sitting on the front porch at Grandma Mary’s house watching cars and trucks go by and talking to Great Uncle Nicholas about my readings and helping rich people become who they were supposed to be and not to be afraid of being in their big houses.

He also told me about meeting Elizabeth Taylor which would come true for me many years down the road in Kansas City. He himself could predict where to move for monies and where it was the best place for his family to be.

Yet, I was told by Aunt Maudie he taught her a lot of things about being a boss and having a good marriage.  The facts are that love and marriage are important and no matter how short it is. The fact you had real love is all that mattered. Even as a teenager he set her straight on her values and her future as a boss in the work field.


Grandpa Sister MaudieAunt Maudie

All my life, I’ve kept talking about he and Great Aunt Julie and what they did for me helping me develop my gifts.

I hated moving away from living next door to my Grandma Mary’s house because I lost contact with Great Uncle Nicholas. He never came and visited us at our new home.

Then one day in 2008, after Aunt Maudie passed to the other side, I went to find all my great aunt’s and uncle’s grave sites.  When I found Great Uncle Nicholas’s, I realized he had passed away before my Aunt Maudie was even born.

So, I as say to my clients, your family and friends who love you can communicate with you and others long after they are gone.

I will always remember how handsome he was and how kind he was after I had been told I was a nobody. He made sure to show up the next day at Grandma Mary’s and sit and tell me about many ways as business woman healer I would be a success. Now here I am making a difference in every life I touch.

What a gift is it to talk to those who have passed on. Thank you God for letting it be one of my many gifts I use for you.