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Sanctify Your Mind

Upon clients asking for mediations to do I have recorded classes and mediations you can purchase on this website that I am proud of bringing to you. This article is an exercise I was doing during one of my first classes I taught in 1984 copied on dot matrix computer I found while my cleaning …

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White Light Energy for Protection and Healing

Using a form of creative imagination putting white light from the crown chakra or the top of the head and letting it flow through every cell of the body, is my way of healing my clients, friends, family and myself. Imagine that you have a miniature sun or bright gold star over your head radiating down …

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What is Your Sign and Who Are You?

Astrological Signs are based on your date of birth March 21 – Apr 19 Aries Ruling planet is Mars;  They are self- starting, outgoing, egocentric, full of energy, active, passionate, and sometimes, argumentative, and selfish.   Aries have health problems such as tooth aches, mumps, and headaches, nosebleeds, high blood pressure, sleeplessness and if they get …

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