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Make Your List On The Full and New Moon For Miracles

We all hear about wishing on a star from the Disney movies and songs.  Yet, as the third generation of the Linkey family of gifted people I was told you wish on the full moon.  Then redo the list at the new moon if the projects you wish to achieve, things you wish to purchase, relationships you want healed or physical and mental healings or things for others you are wishing for. Also, I asked for that what did not appear within that time period between full moon and new moon on the next full moon.

I was told by my great aunt Julie that on each full moon I should make a list of wishes for what I want for me to achieve by the next full moon or for what my friends and their families need.  She said even if it was an impossible item you wish for you ask anyway.  Then when the new moon arrives you ask again if the items have not come your way or the healing you asked for did not happen. I did that all my life time as a little girl and then upon being a working as employed spiritual counselor and minister and psychic I taught my clients to do the same.

I also believe in taking classes on healing. While taking classes of Pranic Healing; Master Choa Kok Sui was sitting next to me at supper; he told me that Pranic healing the students are told to use yellow lined paper with red ink for the same list that my great aunt had told me about since I was three years old.

Since the first full moon after that conversation I wrote my projects list it on yellow lined paper with red pen I have had the following projects happen.

One of the most important items was writing I want my friend and her husband to have a child by my next birthday. They had gone to three different doctors and told not hope. I told them I would pray I knew I had Jesus tell me they would have baby the next year at my birthday there was a baby boy. So for the next three full moons I wrote about her being pregnant and having a healthy baby. They had a baby boy healthy and happy.  Then the fourth month I got the call the wish has come true.

The second important wish with the full moon list was a selfish wish for me was at last full moon of 2009. I wrote: “let me tell a sold out crowd how Patti Labelle saved my life on September 18, 1988.”    On February 12, 2010 Patti Labelle was at the Fox in St. Louis and she gave me her microphone and told me not to go anywhere she showed off my gift a photograph of Labelle in concert in Chicago when they reunited and toured. Then said tell them how we met in 1988 when you sat in the fifth roll over here second seat in. I was amazed she even remembered where I sat and what year.  I was so happy God answered my list of my telling a sold out crowd.   I said that I why I love you Miss Patti you saved my life by singing Winner in You. I tried to hand the microphone back and she said not yet, girlfriend you need to share what you do for a living.  I said I counsel.  She said she does more than that Linda has been counseling and healing at my concerts doesn’t charge for help given. I added I talk to the other side; I do past life readings, and rebirthing for abuse victims.  She was amazing to me.  Patti then had the spotlights on me and told the crowd to stand and give ovation for the people I heal, teach, channel for, and talk to about their futures. As I went to my seat after Patti and exchanged I love you my friend and she said I love you more. I was still being applauded from my roll of people sitting in front and around me.  The next day I went to Our Lady of the Snows church Father told me that I was overwhelmed because you list came true but the God wanted me to get applause for what I do working for him too.  After all Linda you and Miss Patti Labelle encourage so many people to move forward your request to thank her for all she does got you thanks from her and God for all you do.

My front room in my home had orange tile covered by beat up carpet I put a sentence that said I want to remodel and finish the living room with a new floor which cost under $3,000.00 with labor by June 14th.  My friend Rosemary Cosentino’s son Benjamin did the floor as my workman it is beautiful and was finish on June 14. He was paid what he asked for as salary I gave 2 window air conditioners to him as a bonus gift.



The Blue Orb is a Guide who Flies over me for my safety.

 I put on my list, a lamp that would match my couch pillows to replace one broken for under $50.00 as asked for on the list. I found one for $42.00 with tax included

Then in the year 2017 I asked that the front door and entrance way needed remodeling from scratch be for under $5,000.00 which was saved up in savings for the job.

Next was my list about my friend who had cancer in her uterus and she came to my house and I let her talk though her anger about the way she was being treated.  She said she felt something move in her abdomen. I did counter clockwise motions and pulled her pain from her abdomen area.   The next week her doctor told her the lumps in her uterus were gone.  Magic and miracles happened again thanks to God and the full moon list.

When Sheila E listed a relative of hers was in a comma not long after Prince had passed.  I listed a wish for her that she not loss a second person after losing Prince.  Within three days of her post and my asking for friends and clients to pray and my wish on the moon was that her male relative would be awake.  Sheila E wrote us that the miracle had happened.  Again I say prayer on the full moon works miracles.

I have had many people ask me to pray for their children or spouses in the wars overseas.  I list them on my list and state they are to be protected from harm.

The one friend of mine’s son was the only gentleman out of his troop who survived a night attack.  Another woman’s child had gotten in trouble with his commanding officer and was sent to the mess to do potato peeling instead of being in his gun area.  There was an attack and had he been there on the ship he would have died.

I was told that a friend has problems in her marriage I asked that God would send them both dreams of what they would feel like without each other and how life would be.  They both had dreams that scared them badly.  The next day they both called me separately to talk and ask if God sent them the dream and if the advice from the men or women in the dream the same as mine meant they both were guilty of not trying hard enough.  I never tell if I am talking to the other person so I said an obvious yes.  They are still together after 17 years.

I know that God has given me many more great things off of my lists 17 cancer patience’s cancer free. Heart tissue on a young baby born preemie and healing at every surgery she has had since then.

This past year he granted me a trip to Italy and one to New Orleans on both I got to find out who I was in past life times.

I feel when me make our lists we are writing our prayers on paper to God then saying them out loud we are speaking them to the angels and guides who watch over us from life time to life time.


Full moon January 2018 at my home I made list on a yellow lined paper with red pen for my clients and friends for new jobs, new partners for them, for clients that want to learn to be me, and for another trip to more joy.

I believe that we are honored with good karma for the good we do for others in our lives. They do not have to  be friends, or relatives they can be strangers.

So my list is always including America, and Wildlife. Make your list and make miracles happen for loved ones and yourself.