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Missing Our Angel – Farrah Fawcett

Farrah was an inspiration to all of us who have had cancer I have survived cancer three times.

I use the stones Lapis, Azurite, Malachite, Emerald, and Green Moss Agate to fight cancer.  I have had over eight clients with different cancers have treatments that did not work until they used the stones and the prayer cards I gave them.

It is important we do whatever we can to help foundations like the Farrah Fawcett Foundation work to find cures for cancers of all kinds. Even if we just donate $35.00 each and ask all of our friends donate, we would make a big difference.

My Grandfather died of anal cancer in 1945 while my father was at war with Germany.  He was the only one I knew of with that type of cancer, until Farrah died of it when I was an adult.

Who knew when Farrah Fawcett did the charity tennis match for cancer
that some day cancer would take her life and
touch the lives of three other of the Charlie’s Angels. 

It has touched each of the original three Charlie’s Angels.

Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson of Charlie’s Angels Fame in January 1987,  elected to receive a mammogram for the first time, a test which led to of a small malignant tumor.

This time, her series Scarecrow and Mrs. King producer, the only person she told about the diagnosis, worked with her to reschedule her work on the show. Checking into a hospital under an alias, her course of action was to undergo a lumpectomy. Jackson returned to the series a week later, working with the aid of painkillers through five weeks of radiation treatments.

In September 1989, another mammogram indicated residual the diagnosis  breast cancer which the previous operation had missed. This time the course of action was a partial mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

“The range of emotions you go through is amazing”, she says.
“But I made a conscious decision to be positive.”

Jaclyn Smith cancelled a trip to New York City, meeting Jackson at her doctor’s office before she checked into the hospital. “I’d been crying before I got there,” says Smith. “Then I saw Kate, and she had a smile on her face. She said, ‘We’ve gotten through other things, like divorces, and we’ll get through this.’ And we did.”

When Jackson awoke after surgery, “The first thing I heard was good news. My lymph nodes were clean.” Back at home she read medical journals, switched to a macrobiotic diet and came to terms with her reconstructive surgery. “I’m never going to have the perfect body”, she says. “I’m not into facelifts and lip poufs. But I can wear a strapless evening gown, a bustier or whatever is required for a part.”

Jackson starred in several TV movies over the next several years, while working for breast cancer awareness.

In 1995, on the heels of a night filming schedule on location, she checked herself into an Alabama hospital for tests due to a feeling of malaise and an inability to sleep. After several tests, Dr. Gerald Pohost, now head of cardiology at U.S.C., diagnosed that Jackson had been born with an atrial septal defect, a tiny hole in her heart which had previously gone undetected despite Jackson’s active lifestyle.

She underwent open heart surgery to correct the defect, although as cardiologist Dr. P. K. Shah related in a February 3, 2006, appearance with Jackson on Larry King Live, the current treatment no longer involves surgery.

Kate Jackscon does much to support and speak about health issues on cancer as well as heart problems and other issues.

Jaclyn Smith

Smith battled breast cancer in 2003.

In 2010, Smith was featured in 1 a Minute, a documentary about breast cancer. She now makes guest appearances on a variety of television doctor shows to promote breast cancer awareness. 

She was also on “The Talk“, a well known talk show, on their breast cancer awareness show sharing her story and talking about Farrah and how hard it was to see her battle and  not win.


Then there was the battle so publicly waged by the Angel we all loved and miss.  Whose smile could melt the coldest heart and tears could bring a nation to its knees in prayer for a cure.

She spoke to us during a private battle with a disease with no heart. The battle seemed won at one point and we all cheered for her and she celebrated her birthday relaxed and relieved.  Then it grew back and the fight was waged on and we saw her courage.

We felt the pain she was in, but not once did she let the public know that she wanted to give up because she did not give up even on her last day.  She wanted that miracle of a cure.

The night she called for her Golden Hair, that everyone knew her for, to be cut all off she did not drop her fight for a win.  She even kept a smile on her face when her son and loved ones were near on the last days. She gave us a part of her soul as she died.

But we are not the body, we are not the emotion, we are not our hair,
we are the soul and she was a beautiful soul. 

God’s gift to the world is to teach us not just how to live and enjoy life but how to live after we die through our dreams.  Hers was her foundation.

I want us to do what we can to make donations large or small to the foundations that do research of all kinds.  I am doing my part by donation my house to the research of anal cancer when I die. If I have more than one residence they all will be donated to research for anal cancer.

I know Farrah is watching from above, for the years her foundation has worked, with double the amount of people it has helped, from young children to older adults.  She is proud of the work and help given people, who without her moneys and the moneys given on behalf of her foundation, would not have the help they so badly need.

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Linda Humphries