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Prayer to Native American Fathers


From when we came to the American soil we have mistreated the land and the animals and each other; for that I ask all who read this to look to the heavens and ask the Native American Fathers who watch over us as well as Jesus, God the Father, Brahman, Buddha, and Allah to grant us the following.

Please hear our request that we learn how to look at each other and see that we are all one. That our religion, color, sexual preference, income, job, body type, or beliefs do not make up us unacceptable if we are not doing harm to others.

Let us all learn to volunteer time and moneys to help those less fortunate. Let the leaders of the world learn to spend moneys on education, health care, and clean energy. We are seeing too much being spent on the arms race and the goal of being the richest nation.

I pray God enlighten and educate the NRA so they to want better gun control shooting an animal takes one bullet from a rifle. Protecting yourself in your auto on a trip should be a hand gun. Yet the devil has taken over the world since 12/12/12 and so many dark sided people have assault rifles and pipe bombs.

I pray the ban of assault weapons be done now, not years from now, and the people banned from the fly list cannot buy guns. There are not any reasons guns need to be able to shoot 40 rounds and in the hands of anyone mentally ill now. Please God, stop the governments of the world from being slow at making the violence stop and get help for the people who need mental health care and that need to be helped. We asked that this all happen now before more senseless killings happen.

We also ask the politicians and people of the US to understand the women’s clinics are not for late term abortions. They are for the health and wellness of women who cannot afford care. The abortion done in a back alley, after a friend was gang raped, killed her. I never want that to happen again. Let people see that most women are not using it as birth control but as a source of medical care. We cannot keep moving backwards, with hatred and violence against things we don’t understand or races and religions we don’t accept.

As I get on my knees and look to heaven, I know many who have died before me are watching over us that have fought for what were right, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Churchill, and Pope John Paul II. Please allow us to learn by their example and make a difference by the way we treat everyone we meet. I believe in miracles and I believe we can make it happen. Good and light always wins over dark. So please pray and remember we are not the body we are not the emotions we are the soul one with God one with all.

May We All Remember to Look within at the people with meet and see their heart. Amen and So it is and so be it.

With much Love and Respect,
Reverend Linda Humphries