Read this page more than once so that you can get familiar with the affirmations. Then when you are ready and have decided what you want to bring forth for your life, select and say the affirmations with faith, belief and absolute certainty.


prayerThese affirmations can help you draw many things into your life.

I trust in the Universal Spirit of real LOVE and PASSION to provide richly and abundantly for me now, with people who love and believe in me, and who will share their dreams for the future with me.

I trust in the Spirits of Protection to protect me from harm during my day and watch over me, my friends and loved ones, who are making big decisions at this time.  I pray for all of us to stay healthy, and that I continue to meet good people who are supportive and believe as I do, that we are one with God.

I trust in the universal spirit of prosperity to provide richly and abundantly for me now. I now have large, steady, dependable financial income and I use it wisely and share it joyously with those in need.

I trust in the universal spirit of prosperity to guide me on the right path I am to take on life’s highway to success. Now, that I know I should make another move in my career, may my move be for the betterment of all around me and for my fulfillment mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

I trust in the universal spirit of perfect health to provide richly for me now, to have me move away from the people and energies that drain me of good health. To help me change the programing of the past relationships that make me feel less than so I can grow stronger and more powerful in my belief in myself and in God.  Sleep comes easier because I cut cords from the day’s events before I lay my head down to rest, allowing me to journey into the future, as I astral travel and see the positives after releasing the negatives of the that day’s events.

I choose to loving forgive and release the past anger or negative energies I have against myself for allowing myself to be taken advantage of or abused.  I choose to fill my world with joy now and I love and approve of myself.
(When saying this section, you may want to write a letter to each person that hurt you and read it out loud and throw it into the trash can with the garbage if you cannot burn it up.  Then say this affirmation over after reading it out loud again. Remember it is their shame. They did not realize who you were and what you had to offer them not yours.)

(Please note: In case of small disagreements or when you are in workplace settings and there is a fear on your part you might say the wrong things,
1) Tap your crown chakra the top the head, the place that we cover when the baby is born or the God chakra three times, then
2) Tap the third eye, the chakra right between the eye brows three times.
3) Then if it is about work, tap the throat chakra three times.
4) For love, tap the heart chakra three times and say the following affirmation.)

I trust in the Universal spirit of rightness, justice and communications to prevail in the situation where the true meaning of that is needed must be clear.  In my work allow my co-workers, bosses, and clients able to see that I desire the best for the company and all involved.  In romance, allow my partner to know I want us to have clear lines of communication as to what we both seek for our future.

May God watch over you and guide you in all you do, may He make His face to shine down on you and be gracious unto you now and forever. 

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Linda Humphries