Creative Visualization
Can This Really Be Happening To Me?

Doreen Virtue writes that their family visualized a car they wanted, knowing they did not have the money for that car, yet soon after, the car appeared in their driveway.

Money or not, it was there.  She believes, as I do, there is enough in this world for everyone.  We can create what we want by writing it or visualizing it.

In the same way, as this quote from Sybil Leek,

Whatever you ardently desire,
sincerely believe in,
vividly imagine, and
enthusiastically act upon,
Must inevitably come to pass.
– Sybil Leek, Diary of a Witch


What is Creative Visualization?

Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. It is not only about what you want materially, but emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We have used our psychic power of creative visualization in a relatively unconscious ways:

  • To send healing to someone we love
  • Wish someone we love find a job
  • Pray for someone to become pregnant who is having problems doing so
  • Sending hope to whose victims of natural disasters

To use creative visualization it is not necessary to be metaphysical or spiritual in your practices. 

In 1996, I had one client who said there was no God, and she did not want her dad to die of terminal cancer. He was told he only had two months to live.

I gave her healing stones and told her put them on top of a large 8/10 picture of him. I instructed her to tell her and her family, his guides and angels, that he had to work with the energies which God put in the healing stones to heal her dad’s cancer.

He is still free of cancer today!. His doctors at the Mayo Clinic call it a miracle. I call it God and visualization.

She tell her friends it is not necessary to “have faith” in any power because I did on their behalf. She believes in my talents through my work and readings.

Please note, this technique cannot be used to “control” the behavior of others or cause them to do something against their will. It can be used for the good of all mankind and the Earth.

Creative visualization is magic in the true sense of psychic and God energy joining as one.

I believe we must align ourselves to understand principles that govern the workings of our universe, and learn to use these principles in the most conscious and creative abilities without any limits. You limit it by your thoughts.

How Creative Visualization Works

In order to understand how Creative Visualization works, it’s useful to look at several interrelated principles:

  • The physical side of your life is energy.
    Our movement during day today activity as well  and the Earths movement in the solar system work
  • Energy is magnetic, positive thoughts, which attract positive outcome.
    Negative energy creates negative outcomes.
  • Forms come in physical energy follows idea with mental energy but can be stopped by emotional
  • Whatever you put out to the universe will be reflected back to you
  • I believe what you say is what you make happen
  • What you think becomes you or your wishes that comes true job, car, new home, or new baby.

Four Basic Steps for Effective Creative Visualization

Set your goals in your life on all levels.

Create a clear ideas or pictures. I have actually made a poster board with pictures on it.

Focus on them often by looking at the list you make or at the poster

Give them only positive energy; stop the negative emotion or others comments stopping your success.

Continue to work with this process until you achieve your goals, or until you no longer have the desire to do so. Remember that goals often change before they are realized. If you lose interest it may mean that it’s time for a new look at what you want.

How to do Creative Visualization

First, think of something you would like.
It might be an object you would like to have, an event you would like to happen, a situation in which you’d like to find yourself, or some circumstance in your life you’d like to improve, or something you would like to purchase.

Get in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down, in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Relax your body completely.
Breathe slowly and deeply. Count down slowly from 10 to 1, feeling you getting more deeply relaxed with each count. Remember with each breath in you are going deeper into your bodies’ desire.

Start to imagine the things you want exactly as you would like.
Imagine details that make it more real to you. Think of the people who will believe it too.

Now, keeping the idea or image still in your mind, mentally to make it happen say the following positive, affirmative statement about it. Always end your visualization with a firm statement to yourself:

I believe that you can achieve anything if you ask.
You have to make sure you state what you want clearly and
that it will not hurt someone else that you receive what you ask for.

I am not referring to a jealous friend not wanting you to move ahead of them in business or a girlfriend who cannot find a good partner and you now have one.

Remember to relax deeply when you are first learning to use creative visualization.
I do breathing by slowly breathing in counting to seven and out counting to five. Stating that with each breath in I am powering the requests I am asking for.  Then with each breath out I am releasing doubts.  Your body and mind are deeply relaxed it means your brain makes changes to what you can achieve. An alpha level has been found to be a very healthful state of consciousness.

Many people say it is especially good to do creative visualization at night just before sleeping, or in the morning just after awakening, because at those times the mind and body are often already deeply relaxed and receptive. In addition, a short period of relaxation and creative visualization done at mid-day will relax and renew you, helping your day go smooth.  I don’t think people realize that making your list of things to do the next day is creative visualization in a small way.

Consciously, go to great lengths to help others get their dreams realized.
Show your friends everything is unfolding perfectly. This way they will pass the word on so others will use this power of positive thought and power from within.

Creative visualization is the ability to use the imagination, see images in our minds and make them come true. If we add concentration and feelings, it becomes a great creative power that makes things happen.

Remember if we are not the body the emotion and the negative thoughts others feed us in our mind there is nothing we cannot do with the power of creative visualization. This is the power that can improve our environment and circumstances, attracting money, possessions, work and love, helping breaking addicting habits and improve diseases or weight loss health.

Remember that when the list of things come true you have to thank God and your guides for the blessings that I have received that I have asked for on the journey in life may all who ask receive what they ask for if the balance of this earth and the universe.  We are not always told yes if it upsets the balance of the universe, but I am sure it worth going for in life.

I have been able to purchase three vehicles on my own, remodel my house three times with loans by just going to the bank and applying for the loans.

I have had nine clients with cancer that are not cancer free with stones and my doing visualizations.  Let me tell you that I believe in miracles and in creative visualization.

I thank God every day for the gifts my clients, family, friends, and myself have received through visualizations.

And so it is and so it be.  Amen