“My Mom and The Girl”

 mymom and the girl Valerie Harper the Miracle God’s Chosen Angel Helps

“My Mom and The Girl” a short joyous film that looks at Alzheimer’s, diversity, care giving, and is filled with humor & love”

 Starring Valerie Harper

 We all need to support this film and this great cause of fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

Let me say as a gifted healer, teacher and a person who has lost several relatives to this most crippling disease, I am happy to bring to light the reason we can help prevent the growth of the disease and the things we put in our body that increase the possibility of its growth.  There are ways to stop it from happening and more has been published to help us with that and where to donate moneys and time to win this fight.

Intervention is very necessary and one of the best at that is professor Illana Gozes who has worked with the biomarkers that has is diagnosed and used to treat the disease.  How it happens is listed in articles she and other neurologist have published, but one of the lists that I have been told and she and her coworker in research Madelena Kegel who works with pharmaceutical bioscience and fields of psychiatry, immunology, and neuropharmacology research.

The first is to take away the stress you take in around you every day you live your life from the driver who cuts you off.  To the women who are catty sitting next to you at lunch, to the kids fighting over their toys, to the boss barking orders or to your being the boss needing to fire someone you feel sorry for.  Then there is the care giver who had no energy lift for their own life and might be losing a job due to the care they are giving someone they truly care for.  We must stop that from ruling our minds and heads that can lead to Alzheimer’s.

Speaking of exercise doing aerobic exercise it is perfect to move blood to the brain and make the energy move healing energy to the brain tissue.

This is called the Super Brain Exercise awakening brain areas not used so damaged ones can be bypassed


This exercise is the super brain stimulator you grab the right ear with your left hand thumb in front the ear lobe then grab the opposite ear with the left hand the same way face east if under 40 if over face the north bend down breath in as you stand up breath out.  Do these 14 times a day three times a week.  If you are in a wheel chair you can bend forward then lean back breathing out. This work out has helped stop autistic children from being angry and it has turned on parts of the brain that has helped make them intelligent enough to enter regular classrooms and for stroke patients they are able to speak easier and move easier after strokes.  I have only had two patients use this for Alzheimer’s but they felt they had better memory do to doing this exercise.

One of the biggest offenders of Alzheimer’s and many other diseases is Aluminum.

Aluminum has been long known to be neurotoxic, with mounting evidence that chronic exposure is a factor in many neurological diseases, dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s .Inhaling aluminum dust or vapors supposedly stop lung cancer but sends aluminum particles directly into your lungs in a highly absorbable form, where they pass into your bloodstream and are distributed throughout your body, including your bones and brain. Aluminum powder has been known to cause pulmonary fibrosis, and aluminum factory workers are prone to asthma. Studies of the health effects of aluminum vapors have been grim, pointing to high levels of neurotoxicity.

Here are straight facts about cooking with aluminum foil read and be scared:

-Red meats cooked in aluminum foil showed an increase in aluminum by 89 to 378 percent

-Poultry increased by 76 to 214 percent

-Aluminum levels increased with higher cooking temperatures and longer cooking times

Aluminum Heads Straight to Your Brain

Aluminum is to your central nervous system as cigarette smoke is to your lungs. Scientists are clear that toxic metals damage brain tissue and lead to degenerative disease by producing oxidative stress—and aluminum is one of the worst offenders. With Alzheimer’s rates skyrocketing, today’s multiple avenues of aluminum exposure are of great concern. Just as with particles in the environment, once aluminum is in your tissues, your body has a difficult time releasing it. This toxic metal serves absolutely no biological purpose, so the less of it you ingest, the better. Aluminum is found in toothpastes, deodorants-Antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, or aluminum-zirconium compounds, television dinners, sea foods, -Aluminum laminated pouch drinks, Aluminum cookware,-Aluminum espresso makers, and drinking bottled waters containing Silica-rich water one of those waters is Fuji water and it has been tested in the clinics and it had been turn into the blood system levels grow the more use of the items.

Your body, it travels around easily, unimpeded, piggybacking on your iron transport system. It crosses biological barriers that normally keep other types of toxins out, such as your blood-brain barrier. Over time, aluminum can accumulate in your brain and do serious damage your neurological health—regardless of your age. Aluminum toxicity may be doing as much damage revealed massive to our children as to our seniors.

The signs and symptoms of aluminum toxicity, they are shockingly similar to the symptoms of autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases. Vaccine adjuvants can cause serious chronic brain inflammation. Aluminum targets your cerebellum and autonomic nervous system—the part responsible for biological processes over which you have no conscious control (breathing, blood pressure, balance, coordination, etc.). When you look at the MSDS sheet for aluminum, you will see symptoms strikingly similar to those in common neurological diseases, including memory problems, speech impairments and aphasia, dementia, depression, muscle weakness, motor disturbances, and other neurological difficulties.

Researchers at Georgetown University and University of Rochester claim they have found a blood test that predicts this with 90 percent accuracy—and incredibly, with NO false negatives. If further research confirms what researchers expect, this is a medical breakthrough of epic proportions. The people at @Iniegogo are making much headway in moving ahead in the race of healing the Alzheimer’s disease.

Biomarkers such as lipids are tricky for Alzheimer’s because they change during the course of the illness. Some occur in high levels during the early phase of the disease and then actually decrease after symptoms appear—so they are stage dependent. There is clearly much that needs to be done before we have a grasp of this disease. Even with a test that can predict whether or not you are in the process of developing dementia, there are no good treatments once you have it—so you should be doing everything in your power to prevent it. One of the strategies is helping your body detoxify from metals, such as aluminum. 

Aluminum Impairs Your Body’s Ability to Detoxify

Your body requires sulfur to manufacture glutathione, making sulfur an extremely important dietary nutrient when it comes to metal detoxification, which can be optimized through dietary sources. Onions and garlic are good if they are grown in sulfur rich soils, but most soils are unfortunately sulfur deficient. Therefore, animal-based proteins seem to be one of your best bets. Whey protein concentrate is particularly high in cysteine, one of the two sulfur-bearing amino acids that are direct precursors to glutathione.

Researchers show that melatonin has a metal binding role and is a useful supplement in the treatment of neurological disorders in which oxidative stress is involved, which includes Alzheimer’s. Melatonin can travel freely across all cellular barriers, facilitating the removal of toxic metals such as aluminum. It also appears to suppress the oxidative activity of aluminum in your brain. Your body synthesizes glutathione from three amino acids: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. Raw fruits and vegetables, particularly avocado, asparagus, grapefruit, strawberries, orange, tomato, cantaloupe, broccoli, okra, peach, zucchini, and spinach are rich in the precursor’s glutamate and glycine. There are other dietary sources of cysteine include eggs, meat, red peppers, garlic, onions, Brussels sprouts, whey protein, and wheat germ. Other treatments for improved glutathione metabolism include:

-Exercise: Exercise affects your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels needed to help produce glutathione

-Optimizing your vitamin D levels through sun exposure: There’s some evidence vitamin D increases intracellular glutathione levels

-Epsom salt baths

-MSM supplementation

-The supplement N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) may also be useful. NAC is the rate-limiting nutrient for the formation of the intracellular antioxidant glutathione

Research suggests that curcumin has a protective effect against aluminum-induced damage by modulating the extent of oxidative stress. It also decreases beta-amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s, delays neuron degradation, chelates metals, decreases microglia formation, and has an overall anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect. Studies have shown that curcumin can help improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients. There are some contraindications that curcumin is not recommended if you have biliary tract obstruction (as it stimulates bile secretion), gallstones, obstructive jaundice, or acute biliary colic.

One way to take care of the person on their battle journey is to install GPS tracking into their shoes they are living in the past and want to walk home to the old homes they know so with the tracking in the shoes they can be tracked.  GTX Corp. is one such company so please let yourself do research. In the St Louis area several people have been found out in the snow frozen to death do to wanting to travel home.

In my line of work talking to the other side with people who have passed of disease, car accidents, natural causes and much more I must say the one that touched me the most was the night I went to young woman’s house for a house party readings of the future for many about new baby births, new jobs, new marriages, and then the talks with people who had passed.  It came time for the hostess to be with me when in the room came her father I had met over 8 years before in her other house before Alzheimer’s had hit him and then taken his life.  He said to me as she said goodbye to her guest after I had thanked them for being part of their journeys in life.  He said please be aware your aunt Edna was not mad you kept arguing with her about your name, but you really did look like Cathy to her.  This was amazing he did not know her.  When I looked puzzled he said I guess you did not get told God lets us stay in our past so we do not have anger about losing our present day identities. It is much easier to be in childhood days or in early marriage days rather than face the fact we do not know what year it is who is alive or dead out of our relatives.  In my case I could not handle that fact my daughter had not found her husband and I would not walk her down the church rows towards the right man because I could not remember how old she was.  It is so said to see I had a mouth full of fillings that were toxic, I smoked, never exercised, eat only red meat with gravy, potatoes, corn and very little positive vegetables, and argued with anyone trying to change my diet.  She was so grateful to know he was happy living in the past because it stopped him from feeling that pain of loss of who he was.  Same as your relatives are feeling the pain as they lose their identities to this disease.

I still want us to find a cure and to work to stop from letting the disease take over if it is here.  The pain the person goes through that is the care giver is sad but losing your identity due to your choice of foods lack of exercise, or genetic makeup.

In Summary please remember this disease is very toxic not just to the person who suffers from the disease but for everyone who has to watch as the person loses their battle.

This is a source for finding out the latest in the fight on Alzheimer’s research.

Also please send moneys to the Alzheimer’s greater Los Angeles


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