lotus light

The Prayer to Center Yourself

I am not the body

I am not the emotion

I am not the thought

I am not the caregiver of others

I am their guide

I am but to point the way

I am strong inside and out

No one and nothing can harm me

I brighten each life I touch

I am one with God

I am one with Animal & Man

With the Oceans and the Land

I am one with all

Illness can not dwell around or within me

For I carry only light from God and good Will

Towards all I touch and see.

And so it is and so it be.

I am that I am

I am One with God I am One with All Creatures of This Universe

White Light Contains All Healing Colors for the Physical Vessel the Soul Uses

So All Souls That Work For God Can Heal the Bodies They Occupy

For We Are Not the Body We Are the Soul

And So It Is And So It Be.

Linda Humphries