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Sanctify Your Mind

Upon clients asking for mediations to do I have recorded classes and mediations you can purchase on this website that I am proud of bringing to you.

This article is an exercise I was doing during one of my first classes I taught in 1984 copied on dot matrix computer I found while my cleaning of old papers around my desk. It is pleasure to share with you. My goal in this exercise is to help you come to sleep easier and program your day for success. As well as celebrate what you have achieved every day without making the day stressful.

As you start your day leave about 30 minutes for free space for this morning exercise.  When you sit up in bed your take a moment and look at the day ahead.  Envision each meeting, activity, and project with gentle current welcoming the day with gladness not fear of the amount of items on your agenda.  Doing the picturing of everything and how it will be completed sets you up for success, and stages the right expressions on your face with the right action while fulfilling your goals.  You will begin the journey of mastering and experiencing living life at a whole new level.


In the Evening you sit quietly or lay on your bed and reflect before going to bed on the end of the day. Look through the day’s events you had planned the night before and celebrate the successes and draw in the energy that fulfillment brings to you. If a routine act was interrupted and threw off your day look at the brief things the happened to set your movement off and release the upset about not being completely in control 24 hours a day that is the facts of life. Finish the short movie playing inside your head. Congratulate yourself for forgiving yourself for being human. Then make then next day’s events calendar in your mind.  Continue to the end of the day prepare yourself for perfect sleep.

Making the process a constant is a part of your life is called creative visualization. It makes you less hesitant to sleep. No longer are you lying in bed trying to remember everything that has to be done tomorrow. All you need to do is relax and sleep.

I have also told my clients to list their projects they want to make happen for themselves or loved ones. They do this by writing on yellow lined paper with red pen on the full moon then rereading it on the new moon.


I wish all of you prosperity, and success, and a great night’s sleep.

Blessings, Linda