Linda Guides You to Heal and Transform Your Life

Try a meditation session with Linda in the comfort of your home or office. Use the transformational meditation series again and again, to heal and empower your soul.

Listen to one of Linda’s informative lectures and learn specific practices that can move you forward on your path.


Transformational Meditations


Clearing Mediation

This meditation has the goal of clearing and cleansing all the past burdens and  responsibilities that you have felt towards your job, family, and friends, where you had put yourself last.

Use this meditation so you can live in the soul not the emotional body, or the thoughts in your head but the Soul. For once, putting you first.

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Peacocks and Kuan Yin Meditation

Experience yourself healed as you go to mediation to the Island of the Goddess of healing and compassion, Kuan Yin. She has two female and one male peacock with her. They give you a gift of feathers that become a part of you. For months and years as you journey after this mediation, you have the power from the peacock chakras part of your body, as long as you keep aligning your chakras.

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Sweat Lodge Meditation

Sweat lodge is exactly what it sounds like. You start with a medicine lodge sweat lodge to sweat the toxins of job, family, friends or even self- doubt out of you.  When the lodge is done you will build a nest on the edge a cliff and turn into a falcon, hawk, or eagle and fly off into the air looking down to gather what you want to achieve mentally, physically, emotionally, or materially, or new job, or new car, new place to live.  Some people even see new people they will meet.  When mediation is over you are powered to go for that same journey as human empowered with the Indian medicine of the sweat lodge.


Shaman Woman and Cave

This meditation gives you the experience of nature and its healing energies as you travel with your spiritual guide. Allow yourself to be cleansed, cleared, and rejuvenated with this amazing guided meditation journey.


Cord Cutting & Align Your Chakras

It’s time to relax and let go. Release the ties that have attached to you, energetically draining you of the energy you need to align and rejuvenate. Allow yourself the gift of this clearing practice to experience the essence of your natural self.

Introductory Courses


Let’s Get Stoned

Linda discusses the healing energy of stones. With this information, you have the basic information to utilize stones to transform different aspects of your life.

The program includes .mp3 audio lecture and .pdf workbook.


I Love and Approve Of Myself

Linda discusses the importance to empowering our self-esteem. With this information, you have the basic information to address the past to…

The program includes .mp3 audio lecture and .pdf workbook.


Do You Believe In Miracles?

Linda talks with us about the power of miracles. She asks us to believe and give power to our faith, because miracles happen every day. Are you aware of the miracles happening around you in your life?

The program includes .mp3 audio lecture and .pdf workbook.



Cutting Cords and Aligning The Chakras

Cutting cords and aligning the chakras is important because it takes the cords people have attached to you and cuts them. The eleven chakras are cleansed and then energized with explanation as to what they do for the body. The goal is to make sure you are balanced and the people who might be attached that are a drain are disconnected. You will know what to do now when you feel tired after being with someone else.

The program includes .mp3 audio lecture and .pdf workbook.