Invite Linda to inspire your students for the After Prom

Since 1987,  Linda has provided readings and inspiring messages to students at the After Prom Celebrations in the metro St. Louis region.

She offers 5-minute readings for the students. 

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Enlightening, entertaining, and sharing with them information about the future. The readings help explain things related to relationships with friends, parents, and even future work and people they have not yet met – like their new boss!

She talks with them about travel or the possibilities that lay ahead for them in their lives.

Some schools have hired Linda for over 11 straight years! While some have needed to skip a year, due to budget constraints, they have kept Linda in the loop to ensure they would be able to hire her again in the next year.

Some after prom events have requested palm readings, tarot card readings, and Clairvoyant readings.

The children of the world are our future and we have to invest in them now.


“Remember if you believe you can achieve anything… and I believe in you.”

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Notice: Due to medical advisement from my doctor, I can not have any fragrances around me.
Perfumes, incenses, air fresheners, candles, body lotions, and such,
 trigger allergic reactions affecting my abilities to serve you during an in-person event.