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Class fees will vary based on in person, remote or group.

Notice due to medical advisement from my doctor I can not have any fragrances around me. Perfumes, incenses, air fresheners, candles, body lotions, and such they trigger allergic reactions affecting my abilities to serve you.
Classes are available upon request so booked in advance to provide enough time to prepare materials and allow for scheduling.

Hostesses who are interested in hosting classes at their own location, should contact Linda for schedule availability, costs and travel details. Hostess discounts are available, so please contact Linda for further details.

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Classes on Skype are $180.00 for two hours of study on phone or Skype.

These are some of the most requested and most popular classes.
This is a sampling of the classes which are offered.
Intermediate and advanced classes require participants to already have basic knowledge and use of spiritual concepts in order to register for the class.

If you are not sure which class is right for you, or if you have any questions about the classes, please feel free to contact Linda.

Come be enlightened, education and entertained.


StonedLet’s Get Stoned 
Uses of stones and semi-precious stones for healing mentally, physically, and spiritually will be discussed. We will show how stones aid in fighting diseases of mental, physical and spiritual nature.

Stones have helped with pregnancy issues for more than 45 clients. 15 were told they could not have children at all.

God makes miracles. These stones are created by God. 10 cancer patients had cancer, some terminal, went into remission after receiving some of the energized healing stones.

Come get stoned with me! You will receive a booklet with information about what the stones do, a copy of Linda’s CD “Let’s Get Stoned” and three personal stones of your choice.

Linda has a new self-study introductory course on this topic. Find it here and take the class at your convenience.

The Art of Astral Travel
Astral travel, sometimes called out of body travel, is offered to help you learn how to leave your body, to go too far away places, or just check on a loved one who is sick miles away.

I have astral travelled to see babies born that I knew would need special healing, which helped when doctors were not able to do so.

I talked to a young man who was in the hospital comma to tell him his situation was to teach the mother and dad to stop self-destructive behavior.  When he came out the coma he told his priest of the conversation with me.

Others have astral projected into their future and saw their new life, job, wife, husband, children, where they would live. Come take that journey with me as your guide.

What Color is Your Aura?
Learn to see and read people’s auras. Learn about the colors in your aura and come to understand what they say about you and about the people around you. I’d love to be your guide to this wonderful world of color.

cordsCutting Cords and Aligning Your Chakras
Get the people off of you that are attached that are stopping you from moving ahead.
You’ll learn techniques to align all eleven chakras.

You’ll know how you can tell if they are blocked up or not spinning. And you will receive techniques on how to cut and release the records which have been attached to people who are attached to you.

As your gift, you will receive Linda’s CD on cutting cords and aligning chakras, along with a booklet for your reference. Register now to free yourself from those bonds.

Linda has a new self-study introductory course on this topic. Find it here and take the class at your convenience.

loveNow Where Was It I Left My Self-Esteem?
Even the most successful people, such as Michael Jackson, suffered from self-esteem issues. Jane Fonda said she worried about him after they had spent some time together.

So, it is nothing to be upset about. It can be addressed and you can be empowered.

We lose our self-esteem with lovers who say and do things that don’t uplift us. We can loose self-esteem when we are around co-workers whose jealousy, anger, rage, bullying or other bad behaviors cause us to doubt ourselves.

Come learn healing techniques and claim back your personal powers.  You can achieve anything if you believe and I believe in you.

Linda has a new self-study introductory course on this topic. Find it here and take the class at your convenience.

Creative Visualization
works we just need to know that we have a right to do it and what are some of the techniques to do it.  I can tell you that in 1989 she put a board together about her home what she wanted to do by November that year and she did not even know if she could get a loan.  But in September that year her house what done just as the pictures on her visualization board said.  Now on the full moon she does the Pranic Healing Mediation techniques also.  So come be enlightened, and educated as to how you can make your dreams come true with creative visualization.

Reading The Akashic Records
Learn how to access the Akashic records. See what your life contract was when you can into this life, what it was in the past and what you have accomplished.

In some cases, the records will show all of your future accomplishments. For many however, those who have a significant role to help others, may not receive access to all information. This includes people like Sandra Bullock, Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda and Donald Trump who do so much for so many charities and used their moneys and talents in so many ways, that the records will and do change daily.

Are you ready to access your records?

Being rebirthed involves a deep meditation back to your childhood. The purpose is to reclaim what was stolen and replace it with a loving healing essence.

As you walk through any events where you may have felt someone or something was taken from you – your self-esteem, a friend, time with a loved one who was dying, boyfriend or girlfriend, attention from you showing your talents, making you feel fat, telling you; you are always going to fail and much more.

Rebirthing can be scheduled as an individual session. In a group setting, special accommodations may be required. Please contact Linda if you are interested in a group class.

Claim back your innocence, your essence, your youth. 

Board of Shame Mediation
This releasing and healing process may be held individually or in a group class. It allows you to look at times in your life when you saw someone you loved, yourself, or even stranger being treating unfairly.

You will put the event on a ethereal board of shame and we move throughout your life to work in places you are ready to address and heal.

This is a very powerful, transformative process. It has the ability to heal deep wounds, that may or may not be in our present consciousness, yet are deep within and hold you back from achieving your life dream.

In the end, you will free from bonds that held you back, you will stand straight and tall knowing that the energies no longer have power or hold over you.

What is it that you are ready to heal and transform in your life?

More classes

There are many more classes available. Linda can accommodate your desire to learn new topics. If you do not see the subject listed here, please contact Linda at or call 618-277-1368.

  • Learn to read the tarot for yourself and others.
  • Learn the talk and work with the angels to help guide and support you in all areas of your life.
  • Learn how to create an energy grid around your home and work place.
  • Learn how to read and utilize the sacred geometries in your life.
  • Develop your intuitive abilities. Trust me, everyone has the power to see, hear, speak and more from the spiritual realm. Trust your guidance and learn to let your mind open to the gifts given to each of us.
  • Learn how to safely practice
    clairvoyance – ability to see past, present and future clearly
    clairsentience – ability to feel divine essence clearly
    clairaudience – ability to hear clearly, the gift of hearing sounds and voices from the spiritual realm

I’m excited for you on your journey of healing and expanded awareness and connection with the Divine. I would be  honored to be your guide.

Mediation classes are offered on many subjects

Pendulum power
Learn how to use a pendulum beyond a simple yes or no question.

The pendulum can help you check your chakra energies, it may be used to help unblock and remove energies attached to you.

You’ll learn how to use the pendulum with the power you have within to heal yourself and others. It can help you choose your next move.

Ready for your next move?

Who are my guides you may ask? 
I will teach you the truth about your guides. We have many and they come in different forms.

your passed on aunt Maudie can too be your guide it does not have to be an Indian woman.

Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Isis, and St. Michael can watch over someone as their guide, especially if they are going through some challenge or abuse.

The Masters and Our Guide are available to us all the time.
It is not a miracle. It just is. 

I have seen Edgar Cayce tell a client that was not getting enough sleep and that a woman needed to use castrol oil to heal.  I do not claim Edgar Cayce watches over her day and night that just does not happen all the time but for some clients I receive messages.

Pranic Healing
I was educated by Master Choa Kok Sui  in the Pranic Healing teachings.
He passed years ago, yet he is present all the time.

One time, I was sharing a story about Master Choa Kok Sui and Pranic Healing with a client. Our session was held using Skype.

While I was in the process of teaching, her paper shredder turned on, while I was in the middle of a story he share with me during one of his classes. We noticed it but moved forward with the class.

Her paper shredder turned on again when I suggested to my student that she take the Pranic Healing classes, currently being taught by Stephen Co. The shredder was sitting under a picture on the wall of Master Choa Kok Sui. My student got up to unplug the shredder and noticed it already it unplugged!

I understood it as a Master telling his student thank you for teaching what I taught you.

We are moving into an era where those who are gifted are becoming enlightened and finding their teachers.  Whereas I am finding the teachers to teach so they can pass on their gifts to others.

Are you a spiritual teacher?

Linda offers a full curriculum of classes for individuals who are willing to deepen their own spiritual knowledge, to be utilized in their own life and perhaps teach others the tools and techniques learned.

If you are interested in the full curriculum, please contact Linda at or call 618-277-1368.

Classes at Your Location
When I travel to various locations, there may be an opportunity to offer classes to your family and friends. Class topics may include:

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing to clear your energy field each and every day
  • Working with your angels and guides for help and guidance
  • Meditation and creative visualization for work, love, business, health and finances
  • Learning to utilize your intuitive skills to live life fully
  • How to use the energies of the crystals and stones to enhance your life

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Notice: Due to medical advisement from my doctor, I can not have any fragrances around me.
Perfumes, incenses, air fresheners, candles, body lotions, and such,
as they trigger allergic reactions affecting my abilities to serve you.