Host a Party or Event

Tired of the usual purse, jewelry and candle parties?
Try something fun and add a psychic this time!
Or just have a home Psychic Party with me.

I will enlighten, educate, and entertain you and your guest of all ages!

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There are several types of parties we provide:

  1. Private Readings Party
    one can start with I arrive and setting up in a separate room to give each person their private information. The host or hostess usually schedules the time allocated for each person. Refreshments are served and partying by all. People will usually share some aspect of the reading, they are comfortable sharing, with their friends. If your friends prefer private readings, for privacy reasons, then this is the best approach for your party.
  2. Mixed Group and Individual Readings
    The evening starts with some light refreshments while everyone arrives. Once we have everyone has arrived and has settled into their seats, I will talk briefly about my abilities.  I will explain about my clairvoyance, tarot, palm, and astrology readings, and healing. Then I will use my gifts to provide brief readings for those present, based on the energies that come through to the event. Usually 2-3 minutes each. Then you and your guests will receive a brief, private psychic reading. This is the time when individual questions will be answered and the future revealed. What areas in your life are you wanting help in?
    I talk with your departed loved ones, and guides.
  3. Group (or sometimes called Gallery) Party
    I arrive and read a room of people. Everyone in the room will hear what comes through and what is being shared. Usually, these type of events are for members of the same family or a group of close friends, due to the nature of the information being shared.I try to ensure that each person in the room gets an allotted amount of time to be fair so everyone, however, depending on what is being shared with me from the spiritual realm, this may or may not happen.Group parties may be adjusted to allow Linda to speak directly with those who have passed.

The best approach to plan your event is to think about what you and your guests would prefer. Contact Linda with a few dates / times in mind and discuss the type of party you would like to have. You and your group will be happily amazed!

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Location and Venue

Please contact me so we can discuss your location and venue. Fees are based on distance from my home office and your location.  To reserve your event date, payment is required in advance.

1.      Within 15 miles : $280.00

2.      16-35 miles : $360.00

3.      36-45 miles : $440.00

4.      46-75 miles:  $ 520.00

5.      Beyond 75 miles, please contact Linda.

Linda has traveled to Kansas City, Chicago, New York, Florida, Arkansas, and other locations. In order to plan appropriately, the hostess must review travel arrangements and service fees required to reserve the date.


Host a Party at My Home Office
That’s right! You and your party will reserve a special event just for your group. I have a large home and can accommodate a small group.


Things to Consider When Hosting A Party

1.      Determine if the party you and your group desire:
a. Group Reading – Everyone is in the room while the reading is conducted.
b. Individual Readings – The party is held in one room, while Linda reads for individuals in another room.

2.      Based on the type of event, Linda will determine if recordings will be available.

3.      Contact Linda to discuss event details – date, location, service fees and travel fees.

4.      Confirm your event with payment in advance. If payment is not received, the event is not considered confirmed and the date may be reserved for another party.

5.      We recommend that hostess collects fees from guests prior to event date.

6.      Hostess may be rewarded a free reading when minimum guest requirements are met.

“Linda, You are a guardian angel in my life. Thank you for shining your light on me. Hugs from my heart, smiles from the universe for what you do. You are a bright shining star in my universe. Whenever I doubt myself, shrink from my purpose and feel less than worthy, I know you are there to remind me of the truth of who I am a spark of divinity. I am happy that I in turn can be here as a friend when your weeks work has you tried to shine my light showing you what you had done and how world has be made brighter, but to now energize yourself. Blessings and thanks.” – Rebekah

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Fees are based on the time traveled and distance from Linda’s home.  She has traveled to New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Florida and many other locations.

Linda also offers a selection of crystals and healing stones, CDs, and other tools to assist you and your group.

As a thank you for your reservation, Linda is happy to provide a sample to the hostess.

For more information, please contact Linda at or call 618-277-1368.


Notice: Due to medical advisement from my doctor, I can not have any fragrances around me. Perfumes, incenses, air fresheners, candles, body lotions, and such, trigger allergic reactions affecting my abilities to serve you during an in-person event.