Clairvoyant Readings

Readings without regression, palm readings, tarot readings, voyager deck readings are available in 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute increments.

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Rebirthing Session
60 Minute Session $90.00

Channeling with Caroleana
30 Minute Session $50.00
60 Minute Session $90.00

Medium Sessions with Departed Loved Ones
60 Minute Session $100.00
120 Minute Session $200.00

Past Life Reading with Regressions
2 Hour Reading $150.00

Past Life Reading without Regression
60 Minute Reading $90.00

Notice: Due to medical advisement from my doctor, I can not have any fragrances around me.
Perfumes, incenses, air fresheners, candles, body lotions, and such,
as they trigger allergic reactions affecting my abilities to serve you.

Schedule Your Reading With Linda

I highly recommend booking and appointment with Linda.  Linda is a God centered professional spiritual advisor.  My daughter and I have a past life reading done from Linda just for fun and out of curiosity.  Our experience was amazing.  I not lonely found out that my and I had numerous past lives as loving married couple, but on a vacation trip in the southern states we actually got to visit one of our plantation homes that we lived at.  What a thrill to know that our love has truly endured the test of time! Linda never fails to tell you information that is very accurate and will have you wondering how she could possibly know some of your most personal information that you guard from others.  Let her advice you on present life situations, and then let her take you on a wondrous journey into your past lives.  Linda never fails to lift you up spiritually, and mentally. – G. L.

Thank you Linda for your amazing stones to aid in the healing of my son’s bleak sickness of kidney failure you always give a pray card and your own way to pray and how to pray for miracles.  You are indeed a help to all the people whose lives you touch. – M. M.

Linda, I would like to start by saying thank you for all the help and blessings your gifts have been to me over the years you have counseled me.  I feel as though I could not have gotten through these past months without your help and guidance. I would just like you to know that you are a blessing and I am so happy to have had the opportunity of getting to know you.  Thank you for all your love and guidance you have bestowed up me. – S. B.

Hey Lady Linda, Thank you for the guidance during my entire crisis and there have been many of them over the years. You can’t imagine the impact it’s made in my lift I always pray it continues, you saw my new home, and the special part of why I would love it. I found all the old CD from sessions and listened again as playing old television series I was encouraged because your words are always encouraging and things you say are so true and inspiring. You are a blessing for always being there for me. – C. S.