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Support Pet Rescue Places

We need to support our pet rescue places throughout the world. 

I have had many animals that have been behind bars because of abuse or not being wanted and not once have I been upset by my choice.  Animals are so different than people. They love us unconditionally and get excited when we come home to see them after work.

This last dog Nicholas was an abused dog turned in to an animal human society site. 

I had just put a dog JC down that I had rescued 20 years before for heart failure.  I called and told the gentleman and he told me he had the Bichon Fris’e. My niece had seen the dog I would adopt and that it would be that breed of dog and very badly abused. 

He was in the cage curled up in a ball as I started towards the cage.  We walked outside and I talked to him telling him how much my JC meant to me and that he would be loved and that my father was in the hospital.  He was soon not scared and had the tail curled tightly. 

The gentleman said I should rename him so I tried the name Alex after Uncle Alex, Aunt Maudie’s husband, and he did not like it. 

I walked back in the door at the rescue center and said I would like this dog I am going to get my lead. I walked out to the car and opened the back door and there was Great Uncle Nicholas sitting in his white sweater.  Mr. Spyros dragon slayer just got his new name.  I said well do you want to call Nicholas.  The baby turned and came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and laid his head on my shoulder.  So my Great Uncle Nicholas who taught me how to do business readings won out and my beautiful dog Nicholas was adopted  his new name and all.

Nicholas can see what is wrong with my clients if they bring with them sadness he lays next to them for love that need. 

If they bring animals from the other side he barks or begs until I get treats for him to place in front of the animals from the other side.  If my clients have a sick animal he goes from them to the living room to the stones I use to help healing.  That is why I tell you it is not a mistake to give a new life to a baby from a pound or rescue site.


Remember the animals you adopt might have been beaten or worse.

My first dog JC had been kicked losing her top four teeth.  She had her neck cut open by a choke collar being put and on her with spikes digging into her as her owner picked her up and throw her in a circle over his head until the spikes went into her neck.  Yet with my love and my brother, my clients, my friends, and roommates love she lived to be twenty years of age and gave love and got love.


I also have had a group of love birds that have lived to be 19, 22, and I still have one that is 25 years of age that have talked to the people on the other side while I am trying to talk to my clients and sometimes if I do not talk to the people on the other side fast enough giving my client the message my birds will get louder to tell me to give the message now mom you are taking too long talking about job or romance they want their turn.   I am always worried about the noise bothering clients instead they look forward to it so they know their relatives are there. They tell me some time they feel like they can hear the conversations between the birds and their relatives or friends from the other side. What a blessing for me from God.

It is important we support the animal funds and rescue organizations in our local areas. 

I give food, rugs, blankets, cages, and whatever I can afford.

Thank you to all the organizations and the countless volunteers who work for them as well as the paid workers.  You are all a blessing.