Testimonials From Some of My Clients


Absolutely Unbelievable!

“My reading from Linda Humphries was unbelievable!
She is very accurate and I am still amazed she knew information about me
no one else knew.  She contacted my Father on the other side,
and I now feel his presence around me.
Linda is great, I still seek her out for readings, I am a devoted fan.
– SZ

“Linda is not only honest, direct, and dead on with her premonitions but she’s insightful,
guiding, & a real hoot to be with! She makes life & your inquisition of it, fun & healing.”
~ SK

“Linda reads me like a book. I was amazed by her reading &
even more amazed as it was fulfilled!”
~ CG

Delivered a Sense of Comfort
“I’ve know Linda for several years and I guess I am still amazed at how clear she can ‘read me’ and know where I have been, know where I am now, & know where I am going. She is able to deliver a sense of comfort, so when I leave I am at peace.
She is also a great teacher!”
~ BM

Stopped a Heart Attack
“My stepfather flew Linda to New York to do readings after a dream
she had got us to the hospital in time to stop his heart attack.”
– MM

I Love Caroleena!
“Caroleena was such a hoot to have give me a reading.
Her channeling through you was such a blast!
She has the funniest accent and is the best reader.
I enjoy our readings also, but she is fun too.
Love and hugs,
~ RW

Spot On!
“The first moment I met her, Linda started speaking to me about my life.
She was right on and I had not yet shared a word! Over the years, I have experienced
her guidance, blessings, laughter and friendship and I am grateful for all that she has
helped bring into my life. She helps people remember and recognize the power and light  they already hold within themselves. She connects us with loved ones who have words of love and guidance for us, so that we may live more fulfill. She teaches us and shares with us  any tools to help us on this journey called life. For those fortunate to cross paths with her,  I believe we are ever blessed with kindness, joy and amazing connections with the Divine.”
~ CR

Such a Healer
“Linda, Thank you for healing my son’s arm so he could pitch for his team.
He was scheduled for surgery and thanks to your remote healing
he was able to last until the end of the season and did fine.  Blessings.
Also my husband and I both got the jobs you saw for both of us God bless.
– LS

She Helped Me Get The Job
“Amanda here…
Linda, thank you for the prediction of the job at design firm here in NY has come true.
From Waterloo IL to the Big Apple, you’re saying you believed in me was
the most important thing that I remembered. In the job interview for the internship,
when you told me they would pay me as an intern, and they did… and they would hire me,  and they did… and they would pay me enough as a new hire to live in NY,
I could not believe it. So, thank you!  Come, stay as my guest.
– Amanda

I Can Never Thank You Enough!
Linda, my sister still has cancer in every organ in her body and she is still happy to be fully active, watching the babies being born that you saw when she talked to you on the phone that day over seven years ago.  You told her how to say goodbye to us.  She was dying.  Then you talked to those children and they asked you to save her and you so they could get to know her. Linda all you said you did was prayer well is has been a miracle thank you.  We love you.
– SA

Such A Blessing!
As a psychic, Linda is accurate, insightful, and every entertaining.
Her classes that she teaches are very informative and fun.
She is God centered and she genuinely cares about her clients.
Give her a call and book your reading. You will not only find a gifted psychic,
but also a loyal friend. I am so glad our paths have crossed in this lifetime too.
– JK